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Published on August 27, 2019

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Hello my name is J*** R********. A month ago today I got a letter in the mail box with some Optimun packages deals . One of the deals was to get unlimited WiFi for $24.99 a months , so I called the company and I ask the guy if I get the deal how much will I be paying . He said $38.99 a month after taxes . Then i asked him if I added a box to watch tv how much will it be . He said that for 50 channels and WiFi I will be paying $88.00 dollars a month . I said that’s not to convenient because I only watch sports , I specifically told him the sports channels that I wanted . He said that’s he could give me OVER 300 CHANNELS and WiFi for ten extra dollars wich will be 98 dollars a month (NOT A DOLLAR MORE AND NO INSTALLATION FEES) . I ask the guy THREE TIMES if he was sure I was going to get all them channels (OVER 300) and he assure me that i will get them by the next day . I said okay . So next day they come and do it and I only had like 70-80 channels . My fiance was home at that time I was working . I get home home from work and was kind of upset because this is not what the guy told me over the phone . So the next day I call optimum and some other guy picks up and tells me that they will have to investigate and see if that’s what the guy said , that they will call me back in 1 too 3 days . They never called me back . On the fourth day I called optimum and this time some lady pick up and tells me that the package I got is not 300 channels that is over 300 WiFi speed . Remind you again , that’s not what the guy told me from the beginning . Today I got my fisrt bill and they are charging me $117.50 . I called optimum today and ask them why they said I was going to be paying $98.00 and my bill is this high . The lady said that’s my package lol . I feel like I been played/tricked by optimum , im angry they got me involved in this if they would of told me this from the beggining I would of just stayed with the WiFi for $24.99 a month . They should have all the conversations recorded .

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