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Published on August 28, 2019

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I have been a Verizon wireless and fios customer for many years now. In January of 2019 I decided to move to a different unit in my apartment building and I called Verizon to ask about transferring services to my new unit. I asked if this would create an inquiry on my credit report as I did not want that since I already had an account and just wanted to essentially move my service to a different part of the building. The person I spoke with assured me repeatedly that this would not happen and ultimately it did happen. I called many times and complained that I had been lied to and asked to have it removed from my report. I was called back once and they did not remove it and instead sent me an email with a $40 credit to my account. I was furious as they essentially said I had created a new account and it was now on my credit report to stay. Fast forward to August of this year. I checked my credit score as I often do and I noticed that they had placed this account that was incorrectly opened into collections and said that I owed $186 and this caused my Equifax score to drop over 50 points. I was furious and called to speak with someone and nobody could help me as I have a wireless account and a fios and internet account that are up to date and current. I was passed around 15 times between the wireless department and the FIOS department and on the phone for over 3 hours as several times I would get transferred to supposedly the right person and the call would drop and I would have to start all over again. Finally, I was able to get through to a person named Sheila who told me she saw what I was talking about and would pull the account back from collections. I asked that it be removed immediately from my credit report and for her to send me an email with confirmation that we had spoken. She would not give me her email address or her direct line but took mine and assured me that she would promptly call me at 10am CT the next morning. I never received a call from her and had to call back and explain again and to a woman named Nyiesha who told me she understood my anger and would have a supervisor call me as they were the only people who could take this off my report. I currently am sitting here waiting and have yet to receive a call back from the Supervisor. I have called back several times today and have been told the supervisor is busy and will be calling me back shortly. VERIZON is a joke and does not care one bit about its customers and will happily screw you before they admit they made a mistake.

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