DirecTV Complaint

DirecTV Complaint

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I called to sign up for service with DirectTV this past April.I went through a long call with the phone rep assuring that there were no other hidden charges or fees.The bottom line was that my bill was supposed to be around $67 a month for the first year, and that I would get premium Movie Channels for 3 months for free, and NFL Sunday Ticket for free for 12 months.

I got my first bill and it was nearly $800 – and they took the money from my account!It took multiple 30 minute + phone calls to get it rectified and refunded, and they finally did.Even then, my monthly amount I was told was going to be like $7 or $8 more than the original phone rep had said.I was not happy, but decided that I would live with it.In the end, they let me know that the $800 amount was because they neglected to apply the new customer promotions etc.

A few days later I came home and my service had been shutoff.After going through at least 5 really frustrating phone conversations where I kept being told I needed to talk to this department, that department, the other department, the department that is closed now etc., I was finally told that the only way to get my service turned on (ever) was to drive to an AT&T store and make a payment, and the payment had to be in cash??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said “am I being shutoff for non-payment?”.She told me that was not the case.I said well, my payment isn’t even due yet – but I don’t really care if I have to pay it early to get my service turned back on, just take a payment off of my credit card.She let me know thatshe could not do that (she seemed every bit as frustrated as myself).I said “what have I done wrong?”She said nothing that I can see.I let her know that this was a beyond despicable and ignorant way to treat a new customer, to take $800 out of their account falsely and then to shut off their service for no reason, and then to top it off, make them go get cash from their bank and drive over an hour each way to the nearest store to make a payment.I told her – I am within 30 days of signing up – I will not be in contract with a company that would dare to treat their customer like this and go through being treated like garbage and spending hours upon hours on the phone forcing them to fix their mistakes, and driving all over the place.I let her know that I needed my account cancelled, everything refunded, and if they dared bill me even a penny, that I would sue them.She agreed, they did that on May 7th.I returned all the equipment that they requested back.

Fast forward 4 months, and today I get a bill for $392.33 for NFL Sunday Ticket?!?!?!?I called in upset.I got hung up on twice, finally on the 3rd call and the 3rd person I talked to on that call, I found out that they had a system error in June and that I was part of a group of customers mistakenly billed or something.The call took 55 minutes of my time + She kept telling me that it was an error and it would be credited back in 2 to 3 billing statements.I could not seem to get it through her head that I am not even a customer, that I am not going to wait 2-3 billing statements, that they will not dare take that money out of my account, and that I am not a customer, have no equipment to view any of their service on and that they have absolutely no right to be even sending me a bill.

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