Comcast Complaint

Comcast Complaint

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My internet and phone service have been intermittent for over a week; however, my issue is my cable TV service.On 08/26/19; my cable TV service went out.I contacted the provider on 08/27/19 and they asked me to go through the trouble shooting steps of restarting all of my set top boxes.I did this a thousand times and to no avail.I’ve been calling back multiple times a day ever since.They told me me it was because there was a coding error on their end and my boxes were not being recognized; thus not allowing anything to be done on my account as far as adding equipment; removing equipment, etc. I’ve contacted corporate; I’ve gone into the store; I’ve been transferred to all departments within Comcast and no one has a resolution.I’ve been told that a technician visit to my house would not help until this error is resolved.Again, they have been working on this issue over a week and have deemed no results.

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