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Published on September 4, 2019

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Noit’s on Experian that got it wrong. From the balance of the original amount that went from 5000. When I had the dispute process the balance went from 5000 that I took the settlement that should have been removed. But instead of removing it they wrote off 19850. Capital one has no idea of where the balance came from.They even sent an letter to them with instructions on how to handle the settlement. But it is half down. They marked it current but didn’t remove the write off of 19850. I have been talking to Lexington legal and looking online I can sue them if they don’t correct and that Is what I will tell tomorrow when I talk to them and I got confirmation from capital one. Only Expedia and TransUnion both got it correct that is how I know it didn’t come from capital one. Which is why they told me that it came from capital one. I missed out on 2 condos because of this and 3 months later I am waiting on them to correct it..

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