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Published on September 5, 2019

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I originally had an account with Sprint with three lines since March of 2018. I was contacted by Sprint in July of 2019 to upgrade my phone via text messages and email. I reach out to Sprint and the rep informed me that there was a promotion and if I upgrade now and add a new line I will get $200 gift card and my maximummonthly payment will be $216. I received my first bill and it was $489. I call and got hung up on so many times and put on hold for hours and hours and keep been transferred from department after department with promises of getting a call back and no call back. I called today and spoke to rep that could not explain to me why my monthly bill is so high. I ask him that I want to discontinue my service and returned the phones. I informed the rep I am still under the 30 days but he stated I would have to pay about $2000 if I wanted to returned the phones.I finally got a call from Corporate a week later after my complaint to BBB. I request for the call to be listened to and verifywhat payment I was promised by Sprint. Two days later I got a call that confirmed my exact statement and agreement with Sprint. However Ibwas told Sprint can’t honor the agreement however I can return the phones but will keep the two new phones I paid for and the downpayment on the new phones I purchased plus paid the monthly payment of $489. This is not ok what Sprint is doing to their customers. People are working very hard to make ends meet and are being taken advantage of. Not acceptable for a business to use and mislead people.

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I want a refund for the two phones I returned plus the down payment of the phones I purchase plus the monthly payment I made plus all the aggrevation, stressand anxietythey have caused me or honor the contract i made with them.

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