T-Mobile Complaint

T-Mobile Complaint

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I went to T-mobile to change from Sprint because of the high bill. I was persue to purchase 2 10S Plus.. I paid sales tax and was told I had 30 days to returned the purchase and cancelled the service. After one week and half I decide to go back to sprint and cancelled the service with t-mobilebecause the service was so bad.. the internet didn’t work and signal was slow and less than a week I received a bill for about $230 which I had to pay. I only had the phones for one week and half i tried to returned the phones to the store and T-mobile refuse to take the phones back. i was in the hospital getting a c-section when i came back home i called a few times. A representative told I was with in the time to returned the phones but couldn’t take the phone because I cancelled my service.. now they want to send me to collection to pay for the 2 phones and ruin my credit. I want to sue T-mobile

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