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Published on September 6, 2019

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I had an an appointment to pick up my rental car at a body shop.When I arrived, there was no Enterprise agent.He showed up and said he thought the appointment was at 5pm.I had an appointment in 1 hour.He had a large truck with a V8. I said that I was not comfortable with a truck.I said that I need the full insurance so that I can turn the car in without any issue if there is an accident.I declined NO insurance.I specifically requested full insurance.I paid $360.00 for 15 days.I backed into a car at a gas station.I accepted full repsonsibitly b/c I am so uncomfortable in the truck and I didn’t know where he came from.Enterprise has denied my claim, stating that I did not have insurance, beyond damage waiver.I have requested proof that I declined coverage.I NEVER declined coverage AND I did not sign or inital any declination.They just hang up on me when I call and they will not forward anything I signed, b/c I signed NOTHING at all.I had no rental agreement.He just gave me the thruck.They also gave my personlal info and my insurance info to opposing party AND he filed a claim.My insurance is going to drop me from coveage as I was just in an accident that I was at fualt for.That is why I requested full insurance.They have no proof that I declined insurance, becasue I did not sign for aything and did NOT decline any insurance.I payed $360 for 15 days of coverage.That is an $8,000+/year policy.They will not return my calls or forward the rental agreement b/c there is none.I requested the full insurance, they are denying coverage AND they gave my insurance info to opposing party without my permission.I only accepted repsonsiblity for bumping into a car while backing up as I had no familiarity in a truck with a V8 in it and the guy specifically told me, “you have nothing to worry about, if you get into an accident, it will not go against your record and have no reason to ever pay for anything with this insurance”.

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Pay for all costs.I also want to sue for damages.They have jeopardized my current insurance policy, they are lying, they have no rental agreement b/c I never signed one and they will not provide any proof on my declination.

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