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Published on September 10, 2019

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The first house had cameras which I wasn’t told and when I told this to Airbnb they didn’t help me find a solution only worry about the refund. I keep my family of 12 plus my 2 pugs in the streets for 3 hours in Las Vegas which weather was 103 and had to feed my family dinner out which I never plan to. So I had to use more money which I never planned in my plan. Plus Airbnb didn’t do much to put my entire family in a house. All they kept saying was they couldn’t help me with my refund. After a couple pictures I send them they kept saying they need more time to see if I was eligible to receive my refund but in 7 days. So I had to ask my family member to loan me money to be able to play the next house I rented. So we found another house with Airbnb again for 550.

Airbnb didn’t bother to accommodate me for the situation we went through. We had a wedding to attend in the morning and we were very tire after all we went thru. And I did explain to Airbnb why we went to Las Vegas.

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We think that Airbnb should have let me and my entire family have a house for free for all the trouble we had to go thru. It was very stressful to deal with all this on a trip.

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