CenturyLink – Prism TV Complaint

Published on September 10, 2019

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For several weeks now, including today contacting there Consumer “Advocacy” office via Vice President Stephanie Polk (which was re-routed as usual to a conventional CS rep); we have been trying to correct erroneous charges made to our account. We were overcharged and penalized for delayed payment above our contract agreement for Prism TV. We paid “all” the charges and fees in protest, cancelled the Prism TV service, but kept ONLY their Internet “high speed” broadband service. During the cancellation call with their CS rep we were told we would be sent boxes and labeling to return the (2) modem boxes used for the Prism TV service. After a few weeks we had not received the Prism TV return labeling so we called Centurylink Customer Service again. After an hour and a half of being passed around from department to department we finally spoke with a supervisor who “apologized” and assured us that the return labeling and boxes would be shortly forthcoming. After 2 more weeks of waiting, no return materials were received. We decided to personally return the boxes to two (2) local Century link offices; they were not accepted- “You must get return labeling from customer service”. Another futile round of calls to Centurylink CS took a different turn when a CS rep told us that we had to call Direct TV now, because Direct TV owned the boxes. A call to a Direct TV rep proved useless as he told us that he had “No record” of any account with us, and that we had to “handle the problem with Centurylink customer service”. LOL. You can see how farcical this is getting. You will see by the last presented bill to us after we brought the balance to zero (0), that Centurylink charged us a $300 penalty for “non-return of equipment”. Centurylink is engaging in unfair and unlawful business practices, and we are filing complaints with the FTC and the Florida Attorney General’s Consumer Division. They engage in misrepresentation, obfuscation and contract violations with their customers, along with fabricated and usurious penalty fees. We refuse to pay Centurylink for their errors, misrepresentations and failure to perform under their contract with us, when we went “beyond the pale” in due diligence trying to return their Prism TV boxes. They create a quagmire of confusion, lack of access and lack of capable customer service to intentionally fabricate erroneous penalty charges for their benefit. It is no surprise that their is a pending class action suit against the company.

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