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Published on September 11, 2019

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this involves both PayPal mastercard and Paypal credit; checking.both bills are paid via my checking, even though they are two different entities. On 8/1 and 8/11; I was charged on both my paypal credit and Paypal mastercard for the same purchase. I tried to get this fixed via both paypal mastercard and paypal credit, this was not possible since both reps informed me that they did not have full access to the other account; say I was speaking to Paypal credit; could not help me with Paypal mastercard; likewise paypal credit could not help me with mastercard. The rep for mastercard however, said they did not see visible charges for the two items on their end via the credit charges, but rather just the Mastercard charges. When I spoke to just regular Paypal, unlike mastercard, they were able to see that those charges were indeed removed via credit. After filing a complaint with bbb; someone most likely from PayPal mastercard sent me both forms; and as expected the charges were not visible on the credit form; as was told to me on the phone. However, when I spoke to someone from PayPal, they assured me those charges were on my credit. Yes I paid through paypal credit and Mastercard. if this is confusing please note, that I have evidence; showing that I was charged via Paypal credit and PayPal Mastercard. I can supply proof if need be. I also noticed on at least one occasion that when I went to pay for something online through paypal that both boxes were checked; that is the option to pay via Paypal credit and PayPal mastercard. I had a really difficult time unchecking one of those boxes. So not sure how often this has happened, where paypal automatically take funds from two separate sources. Also Charlene Porter from consumer relations PayPal mastercard,needs to realize that Paypal itself was not denying that those two charges were visible and added and paid by me, why they don’t have privy to all my charges on credit is unknown by me, other than the fact that they are a separate entity. I do have proof, because I have my statements for both my paypal credit and my paypal mastercard.

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they owe me 15.88; however, the time and effort it is taking me to resolve their mistake is taking it’s toll on me, additional compensation should be a no brainer. Although, I am washing my hands of paypal and I will not be using them in the future.

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