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Published on September 12, 2019

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I rented a house on Friday 6 – 8 2019. But to our surprise they had cameras in the house which we weren’t told about not even on the ad. We arrived the house at 550pm and I complaint to the owners why were they cameras but all I got from them was that cameras weren’t working. I called Airbnb at 6pm to make the complaint and report and requested a full refund and another house to take my 12 family members cause we were in Las Vegas and temperature was 103.I was concerned for the well being of my entire family members especially because we have small children’s which when I called Airbnb I express my concern to them but they didn’t do much. By 7pm my family was hungry and tire of the long drive from Los Angels so I took them out to eat which meant I had to spend extra money on something we didn’t plan. By 9pm my entire family was frustrated and disappointed by the way Airbnb was handling the issue. All I kept hearing from Airbnb was that I wasn’t going to get my refund til they investigate the whole situation in which Airbnb requested pictures from the house to see where the cameras where located. So we went back to the house and took pictures and video. After I send them the pictures I called them back mad and ask where was the house which for us? And I was took they couldn’t find nothing. So I started to search for another house and found 1 under 5mins which got my piss cause Airbnb couldn’t find 1 for us? After all this happen the next house I rented had people living in the house I was told entire was for us only. I also made a report to Airbnb about this house too. The entire weekend was a horrible nightmare

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I would like for Airbnb to give me full refunds of all the houses I rented plus accommodation to us for all the trouble we went through.

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