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Published on September 12, 2019

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I had a non stop rocket from Florida to Minneapolis…their plane broke…so they told us it would be 3 huts to find another pane so w all scattered to do lunch and kill time… they’d found a different plane and didn’t tell us so half of our flight were of roaming the airport killing time. When many of us got upset- they put us each in all different flights to get us to Minneapolis… the flight they putt me on took me to Texas and they left me there over night! I NEVER WAS SUPPOSE TO EVEN BE NEAR TEXAS MUCH LESS OVER NIGHT!

since I was flying up to my daughter’s wedding…I couldn’t stay over night so I had to buy myself another ticket on another airline at the Texas airport just to get out of Texas and back in the air towards Minneapolis. I cried so many years…the whole ordeal gets waaay worse with many more years caused inbetween the flights as well…it was awful…

I preached a product- a non stop flight- and it didn’t take me to my spot…it left me in another state…. just texting this has me all upset againand before they even let me thru tho get on the plane…I had to pay to bring my clothes because my tiny purse was my only allowed bagtotal frustration…I had an anxiety attack in the Texas airport…it was just horrible…

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they gave me $60 off my next flight if I bought a ticket within 90 days…

I didn’t…if NEVER fly them again

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