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Published on September 13, 2019

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Paid cash for the system 2 years ago with a promise that I wouldn’t have a mo svc fee for doing so. Not true, so have paid every mo and was forced to sign a contract or my system would be taken off line. Hasn’t worked right since day one. Cust svc is over and hour wait when you call and usually no help. They have been out to “fix” the problems several times, but still not functioning up to par.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Refund all monthly fees (because I don’t use the security option and only bought it for the cameras and notifications and the temp control). Fix/replace panel and parts for the system so that it works and communicates with their app on my phone as promised. If they can not fix or replace, refund all money for the system and the repairs to the walls when they remove along with the initial refund for the mo fees.

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