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Published on September 14, 2019

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Bought a used car back in 1996, started to have issues with the engine/transmission about 2 1/2 weeks after getting car. Called the car dealership advised that I had taken the car to a mechanic and they stated the transmission was going out in the car. Told them the car had stopped at my job, this was on the 31st day, they stated it was nothing I could do and couldn’t return the car. The picked car up from my job by way of tow.

The car was $4,000, I put $800 down.

In 2012 I received a notice from my employer that they were garnishing my check for the car, which they did for about $350 biweekly. Went to court to dispute the statue of limitations and to also dispute that I owed anything since they picked up the car. Judge stated that I needed to get a lawyer and there was nothing that she could do so I made payment arrangements. They did take several payments out of my check, but weeks later I got laid off.

Here we go again 2019, and they are garnishing me again.

I can not afford the $255 biweekly and don’t feel like I owe them anything. I can barely afford to pay my rent bc of the $500+ they are taking for a car bought 24 years ago!

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Help me stop them or settle for the $2,000+ they have taken so far. They are suing for over $6,000.

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