DirecTV Complaint

DirecTV Complaint

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numerous no shows for installation and repairs more recently. Drove 2.5 hours while sick (with shingles) to meet appointment and was called at 12:34 to be told no one is coming. I received a text earlier in the week confirming appt, but no text saying they wouldn’t be coming today. This is the 2nd complete no show, they also missed the 4 hour window for my installation which was almost a month after original now show. Service worked for about 3 weeks before not working anymore. Directv subscriber since 1993 and want free service for at least 2 years after being dehumanized. Also want the ability to call and confirm my appointments with them, as I had to drive 2.5 hours to make this appointment today after staying with a family member due to illness. Also an email to be able to write to a company rep is something that I want.

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