AT&T Wireless Complaint

Published on September 15, 2019

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I switched to a plan suggested by a rep and now have the same experience as many others I see posting on the AT&T customer portal. After I use up 6GB, my speeds drop to 10 or 15 the kbps….

I don’t get ‘up to 128 kbps’ as advertised.

I get 10 kbps.

They might as well say ‘up to’ any number they want, then, right?

They shouldn’t advertise a plan when they never, ever get near the ‘up to’ speed

It’s deceptive, and the people moderating the AT&T Customer Portal shouldn’t be pointing to ‘this is what they told you’ quotes, they should be agreeing it’s deceptive.

I’ve called and spoke to tech support and was told that line about how it’s ‘up to’, and then told, clearly and frankly that I should NOT expect the service to be usable. That’s the truth of it… Why would there own Tech Support say this if they ever actually make 128 kbps usable after the monthly 6GB is used up.

It’s deceptive, it’s never anywhere near 128 kbps.

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