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Published on September 15, 2019

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On september 14 i and my childs father and 3month old daughter shared a ride with a lady we got picked up by a man that drove for lyft his name was oliver and while driving we were stopped by the police in a black car they were undercovers i can tell by the clothes they wore they were not in uniform. They shined the flash light into the car twice to then ask oliver for his license but befor he asked he said they were pulling him over because he was driving pass the speed limit (He was speeding).So then the police had came back and said his license plate was number was not showing up and told him to step out the car then he told me to step out the car and told the lady we were driving with to step out the car they searched threw our bags forcefully While we Sat on the ground.They would not let me get my 3 month old daughter out the car or would not bring her to me they told me no and to wait a minute when i asked can i get my baby out the car she sat in the hot car in the backseat while they locked her father up i was very upset that night and the lyft driver could not even drop me off at my destination.He pushed ride done way befor he droped me off which was the wrong location and almost drove off with my my babys stroller in the trunk and lyft could not even refund me my money after they had been giving me terriable driver the whole week drivers that could not drive and drivers cars that were so hot my baby was sweating ,some of the drivers even was speeding on the highway. i didnt get home until 9:00 way past the time i was expected to get home i really hope that i get some help.

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