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Published on September 17, 2019

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I drove for Lyft last year. I’ve completed more than 2,000 rides with a rating of 4.96 out of 5.00. Pretty incredible. During three rides last year, my car was damaged by passengers. One vomited at highway speeds with the window open throwing half digested nachos, nacho cheese, and stomach acid all in the door panels, doorjambs, headliner, passenger-side front seat, back seats, rear window, rear deck, some even got in my hair, thus creating a biohazard situation in my car I’m still dealing with today. The other passenger’s friend slammed a bunch of eggs on the trunk of my car, chipping the paint down to the metal. The last passenger got into the car with a nervous dog that scratched the doorjamb paint down to the metal. I got estimates from a very reputable USAA certified body shop for the repairs (that Lyft requested that I obtain before processing the claims) that total appoximately $2,900. This was only for the trunk and doorjamb however because the body shop refused to do any interior work that qualifies as a biohazard, which they said the interior of my car does. Yesterday Lyft said the $150 per incident that they paid me should cover the claims. They then told me that the estimated repair claims are denied. WTF, right?

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Not complicated. Pay the body shop the amount of the estimates so that they can repair my car and provide me the necessary funds ($500) to fully remedy the stains and vomit particles stuck in the grating of my car’s doorjambs and rear deck speakers. I lost hundreds of dollars in rides/compensation dealing with these damages. If I can add these estimated losses to my Small Claims case, then I will.

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