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Published on September 17, 2019

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About two years ago I applied for Uber and was denied because of my background check then a year ago I received another email from Uber requesting that I drive for them after I had started driving for Lyft so are we applied and was accepted most recently I seen the ad that says if you switch driving from Lyft to Uber you could get a $500 bonus if you complete 70 rides in 2 weeks so I made the switch over to Uber once I completed the 70 rides all in one week they told me that the $500 bonus could only be used as credit for the use of the vehicle for the next two weeksso I didn’t mind as much cuz that mean I would have two weeks with a vehicle to just make money with Uber I found that out this past Sunday Monday I tried to login to my account with Uber to start making money to find out that they had suspended my account leaving me with a vehicle I can’t make money with and no job when I called and asked him what was the problem they only told me my background check but they allowed me to work for those two weeks.

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What I think would be fair is either they pay me for my 2 weeks and lost wages and the bonus that they promised me or enough money to either purchase a car or enough money to give me time to find another job.

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