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Published on September 17, 2019

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For over a month, since August 2019, Verizon has had horrible service in our area, El Paso, TX.There were reports in the news and newspaper that they are having issues with towers in our sister city, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.Due to that, there are many customers, including myself, that have no service in various areas of the city, dropped calls, no messages coming in and this has caused many issues.I have tried contacting them and the only thing they offer is an in-home network extender which is useless because if I needed service at home, I would just get a home line.On top of that, this has caused both my husband and I to miss customer calls and have lost business from not having service.We have been paying our bill and have not been receiving the service that we deserve.Our hotspot and camera that we have on the contract, lose signal and this leaves our business office vulnerable and after tirelessly trying to get some reasonable customer support by calling, messaging and texting them, this is far too ridiculous and we are at the point where we are looking at our options to switch to another provider however I have to pay off my phones to be able to leave them. There are many times when we don’t receive calls or messages and this has caused our small business to suffer and lose customers. The only thing that Verizon offers is a home network extender- well cell phone service is supposed to be mobile so how is an “at-home” solution supposed to resolve this problem.Another smart idea they have suggested numerously is to use the wifi networks when available.This is ridiculous this is poor customer support and a robbery of the thousands of clients they have in this service area and I would like to proceed with my options

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