Published on September 18, 2019

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1) mislead in regards To the Sprint forever plan where every year you can change your phone in for the newest model. I did it the first year and was charged an extra $30 a month on my bill for the upgrade.

2) Upon receiving the second set of phones, One of them was Factory damaged, Of which I incurred the expense. I was told to take the phone back to Apple.

3)The sales person told me that once I obligated The cost of the phone Through monthly lease payments, I would have satisfied my obligation for payments. I paid all four phones off in February, it is September and I am still paying.

4) I would like to cancel my service with Sprint and turn in the phones that I am leasing, however I was told I cannot do that and I will have to pay the buy it now price.

5) I currently, without the buy it now price, have paid sprint more than double the Value of the four phones

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Be ethical. Do not overcharge. Walk away clean from our contract.

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