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Published on September 19, 2019

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December 2018 there was a phone place on my account and a new contract given to someone without my authorization. I had gone into a Sprint store to have them look at my phone which has never worked correctly since becoming a member of Sprint in June of 2018 after numerous calls to Sprint I finally decided to go into the Sprint store and have a human being help me I was required to give my ID so that they can look up my account you see my phone was never fixed after leaving the store someone else placed a phone on my account due to the fact that my ID was scanned in the store they are telling me that all charges and new contracts are valid even though my signature was never on the document I have since spent countless hours speaking to customer service speaking to the fraud department even having to go into the store and being should we mistreated, yelled at, called a liar and other profanity in front of my 12 year old daughter. Due to my disability I was not able to communicate successfully with Sprint any further communicationwas handled by husband who is also tried unsuccessfully to get a resolution. We were told that we must going to the Cherry Creek store again and that was our only option( of which I had major anxiety due to the treatment of my prior visit. So another day wasted after driving an hour away to the Cherry Creek store from our home location I’m being told that their hands are tied and they had no idea why fraud or anybody from Sprint would send us back to the store the only good thing was the New Management it was extremely helpful and kind but still unable to help us with a resolution. We have overpaid for months we have been overcharged we were promised money from the credit union but you the paperwork wasn’t sitting properly therefore we did not receive any of the money promised in addition my phone is yet to work I do not receive incoming phone calls my internet doesn’t work both of my kids phones broke within the year also I’ve ever wanted was what I was promised and cell phones that actually work and apparently that’s too much to ask

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We only ask that we be given what was promised working phones for my family and a monthly bill that was promise to us

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