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Published on September 20, 2019

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A day day reservation was made and then i attempted to cancel it five minutes later. The host property is run in san antonio texas but a mgmt company out of California with false representation of the property and owner. Others have had a similar problem with this mgmt company who uses hotel dot com and air b and b to advertise and broker the property.

Five minutes after the reservation was placed the mgmt company was contacted to cancel the reservation and the verbal response is that given it was so quick to cancel it would not be a problem. However the mgmt company then sent the property access codes even after they knew a cancellation was desired and subsequently claimed they would not honor the cancellation since the codes for access had been sent.Clearly they sent the codes after being told of the cancellation desire to lock in the over 1000 reservation.

The mgmt company sent us to the air band b folks who said they couldn’t help and sent us back to the mgmt company. This continued for three hours of calling waiting and being hing up on.

After filing a complaint with air b and b they refused to refund any portion of the lease even though a formal cancellation was sent in and they billed us for the full amount.We never stayed or accessed the property and through investigation uncovered many other complaints on this property and mgmt company.

We drove by the property later that week after just staying in a hotel and found trash on the lawn and a very unsafe neighborhood. The property was clearly misrepresented as well as the ownership.

It appears air b and b does bot validate ownership or the ads they pit on their site and they told us they are under no requirement to do so in their business. They also said they have no policy to address misrepresentation of ownership or mgmt of a property.

All attempts at redress have failed and my first experience in san antonio as a brand new usaf officer transferred to this city has been a nightmare i can not afford

Jordan Case

2nd Lieutenant USAF

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