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Published on September 21, 2019

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On August 7th I went to pay my Verizon bill and realized my plan was too high, I have been a customer for years and my bill had steadily increased over time because I was being charged overages for data. Some of the overage charges are questionable. So, I called and spoke with sales rep about changing to a lower priced plan. Sales rep changed the plan to an unlimited data plan. I was promised that no data charges would apply for that month since I had just started to go over data which is what had caused me to call. I was also told that on the new plan my bill would always be $273.63. On August 8th I received email confirmation of a $40 deduction applied toward whatever data overages I had been charged. On August 28th I paid my last bill of $261.81 and when I received the bill for the next September cycle it was $342.60. along with the $261.81 that had already been payed. This was making my account look past due when I had in fact payed that past due balance and with the additional 342.60 added to the $261.81 (that I had proof of payment of) My bill total $604.41. Not only was this incorrect but My employee discount for being a teacher had been removed and according to the pdf document there were unexplained charges added to my account. I tried to call and speak to someone about the issue and waited on hold for almost 30 minutes and had to end the call before I could get someone on the phone. I tried again on September 12th and after another long wait on hold finally reached a sales rep named Jane to question the amounts on the bill, issues with increase, etc… and why the past due balance was still reflected. She seemed very confused and told me that she would have to give a reference number via text and look further into the issue. But she saw an issue she wasn’t sure how to resolve. Later that evening I received a text stating: “Your credit adjustment request has been processed. Your balance is $606.23, which includes credits/adjustments totaling $10.00”. The amount had increased by $1.82 yet they are telling me they credited me $10??? Apparently by calling the issue got worse! So, I decided I would have to go directly to a Verizon store to talk to a person.On September 18th I went to the Verizon store on Wilma Rudolph Blvd in Clarksville TN and spoke to someone there. I brought printed copies of the bill with the issue highlighted and underlined. The woman I spoke to at the store agreed that there was a problem. She gave me piece of paper with new unlimited plans and told me that the person who had originally changed the plan had not put me on the best plan and that their unlimited plans did not honor the employee discounts. I showed her the emails stating that I would be credited overage charges and she said they only did that on the phone and not in the store. She said she would change my plan which would start on the next billing cycle, because she thought things were messed up because the first person had made it go into effect during a billing cycle. Then she apologized that I was having to do such a hassle and told me to call the support line again to fix the issue and to bypass the chat feature because this issue was too complicated. On Thursday September 19th I called the customer service line again and spoke to someone named Nathan. This sales representative also saw the issue of the remaining balance of what I had already paid. He seemed as confused as the others had been and told me that he would help me resolve it, asked me for my patience and put me on hold for about 30 minutes. He then came back and said that my payment of $261.81 was actually applied to my July payment because I paid it “Just the other day” and that made the August bill unpaid and the new August bill was 342.60 and so my total was $616.23. So I explained to him that I had proof of payment for my July bill and for every bill for the past year so they could not make up numbers and apply two bills to August and that I would like to speak to whoever was advising him with these made up numbers or they could speak to a lawyer about all these fraudulent charges. I was put on hold for another 20-30 minutes which then extended the phone call to over an hour which I have record of. Nathan came back on the line with another breakdown which still did not reflect the payment I had made on August 28th and at that point I told him that Verizon was forcing me to find another carrier, but I would need time to review my options and pay off my Verizon phones. Later into that night at 1:06 am I received an email stating: “This email is to confirm your credit/adjustment has been processed. Your current balance is $571.10 which includes credits/adjustments totaling $-45.13.” The following day at I have no idea what that credit is supposed to represent, because they are still not acknowledging the payment of $261.81 and they misrepresented the amount I was supposed to be charged during the next billing cycle and increased my bill significantly. I have documentation of all of this information and wish to take them on in court. I have wasted hours of my time calling them and making a trip to the store and totaling up all these mistakes, etc.. They do not have the right to make up numbers and rip off customers.

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