Rent-A-Center Complaint

Rent-A-Center Complaint

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I may not look like much in person; im shaggy, and at times look like a hairy bum…

but I am a Eagle scout, a member of the church, I own my own bussiness, and…

I keep track of my cash flow, my bills, my payments, and my obligations.

Before I signed my contract with Nicole;

I had her circle the final and complete price in which I would be paying. 500$ rounded by something like 5 dollars.

I am not very trusting; especially in situations like this. I will have a copy of my social security and ID ready when I pick up my paycheck.

The local RAC office has had me so pissed and stressed, I have litteraly lost sleep; and is effecting my health.

I have been lied to over the phone; and face to face.

I no longer want to talk to the local office without complete documentation of every word in every conversation.

They refused to cover the cost of the replacement drive failure; even though before signing the contract,

I identified part of the contracted cost was for warranty…

which I did not mind paying for because I used it as a option to upgrade the faster drive.

So I asked what the warranty covers- manager told me: I spill something on kb/screen breaks/pwr button breaks

When the power button failed to turn the computer on; I offered my services to fix it at the cost of the part.

I left messages prior to the due date of my bill and could not get a return call until my bill was due.

I was told the manager wasn’t available; and the caller tried to bully/intimidate me to paying my bill.

I called corporate.

District manager called back with resolution:

I was to order power switch, and at time I quoted the aprox price of hw was 60$, and it would be dicounted from my bill.

I paid the current bill for the month…cpl weeks later, ordered the part… sent the receipt to store via email with request

for reciept showing the corrected balance

NO response was given.

Waiting for a response; due date of my final payment had lapsed; and I still have not heard anything from the local store.

1 week after due date of bill I contacted store manager via email- told them I still have not recieved any verification of a corrected balance.


store manager finaly contact me back with more lies. says she adjustment was made same day, she sent response via email,

and collections had been trying to call me every day for the last week.

I told her I was ready to pay my bill as soon as she had a corrected balance…

again: she continued to lie and tell me I have had the corrected balance.

When I asked what the corrected balance was, she told me 160$

I told her that the amount was wrong.

fyi- I had made 2 payments of 160 which = 320 from an original 500 deficit. pwr switch cost nearly 60$

remaining balance should be ~$120.

It’s been more than 48hrs; I still have not heard from the DM.

Friday morning; I clearly gave this store notice to no longer call me; all communication shall be documented and done by either txt message or email.

I have been harrassed with calls both Friday evening and Saturday.

Late Saturday evening(7PM); I received an email from leeandra Cruz which stated:

“I spoke to the district manager he is willing to settle your account for 120.00 but you will need to call in today to pay that payment over the phone”

I want to send this computer back for a full refund with

a bill for my services and make formal complaint to the BBB

and if I have to go to small claims court I will…

I have 320 paid to RAC

another 140 for HD: was told by leeandra that the warranty I was paying for did not cover

60 for pwr BD

time for service is 120 minimum (serviced twice)

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Refund; plus expenses… Replacement from their own stock is no-longer an option, RAC has lost all credibility and I want to sever all ties.

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