AT&T Complaint

AT&T Complaint

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On June 22, 2019 an AT&T service technician visited our home to install AT&T WIFI signal extenders.

My wife Patricia and I were in the home when the work was performed.We’ve been having internet and TV signal problems for 12 months and we were advised by AT&T to purchase their extenders.In order to get the best signal, the technician needed to see if there was Cat 5 wire run to the TV location.The location is elevated about 5 feet from the ground and is above the fireplace, sitting on the mantel.In order to confirm the Cat 5, the TV had to be disconnected and lowered.Since this is a 65” TV it takes 2 people to safely lower it to the ground.So, the technician got on the one end and I held up the other end and we safely lowered to the ground.The technician observed there was no Cat 5 wire run to this location.At this point we needed to put the TV back in place resting on the fireplace mantle.Once again, the technician got on the one end and I held up the other.While the technician was plugging the TV power cord into the wall he let go of his end and bumped the TV with his shoulder to get behind it and this put the full weight of the TV on me.It fell onto my head and cracked the glass screen.My wife was very upset and the technician didn’t apologize or offer us a means of filing a complaint. I’m a 60 year old man with arthritis in both shoulders and am not able to hold up a TV by myself above my head.The technician should never had let go of his hold on the TV and then push it onto me.I’m sure it was an accident but AT&T directed the work on this job.I did what AT&T told me to do.I spoke with another AT&T employee who sent me to their insurance claims adjuster Sedgwick Insurance who denied our claim.From what the internet is saying about Sedgwick they deny everyone and you must go to Small Claims Court to collect any money.

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