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Published on September 24, 2019

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It was Saturday the 14th when the sales rep came by. I currently was under contract with Xfinity. He told me he had a buyout to get me out of my contract and started showing me all this cool equipment they had to offer. He told me cutting my security services would bring my bill down to 150 and then pay Vivint for the security portion. Cool, I love new devices for the same price..WRONG. Vivints prices were nothing close to what he told me. He also told me the buyout portion was easy. They would just give me the 230 for a picture. That was wrong. Even during the setup process, he gave himself a 5 star review, and I’m like, isn’t that my job to fill in…well, its going good, isn’t it…was his response. They scammed me into a contract using pushy tactics. He even told me that they could not double bill me for security since I’m already under contract with someone else, and they didn’t even hesitate to bill me the very next day! And the install guy was sitting around the corner at a McDonalds just waiting for the go ahead. I had holes drilled into my exterior walls before I even finished signing everything. I wanted to cancel my service with them just 6 days after the install and because I didn’t cancel within the mere 3 day time frame, I’m locked into a company I hate. I don’t even do my laundry in 3 days..And when I called to speak with the cancellation department, she said it was out of her hands and the time frame could be 3 days or 14 days depending on how long the sales rep gave you. And when I spoke to him about extending mine to 14 days, he had no idea what I was talking about. Very unfortunate these people can still be in business. I will not be doing any services with this company when my contract is up. Even after having to pay for all this equipment.

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I would like this equipment out of my house and just to never have to deal with them any longer. And my money back for that month they wrongly charged me for. And my original door lock, thermostat, doorbell back.

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