Verizon Wireless Complaint

Verizon Wireless Complaint

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On May 2nd, we went to tour local Verizon store to sign up for a buy one get one free promotion. We were told we would be getting one of our devices for free, and that our bill would remain the same. We were also told we would be getting a rebate of $450 for trading in our old devices. The promotion and rebate were never applied to our account, and when we brought this to the company’s attention, they denied ever having a promotion. In trying to rectify this, Verizon has made it very difficult. They shuttle us from department to department on the phone. We experience exorbitantly long wait times. We are told one department can do nothing, are sent to a different department to be told the same thing. We have gone to the store in person and we’re also told nothing can be done. At the same time all of the representatives tell us there’s nothing to be done, they do also acknowledge that our treatment has been unfair, and that the charges are not valid. But they refuse to rectify anything. Our bill is now at 1500 and our service is shut off. We are locked into a contract and are unable to take our business elsewhere. We were told at the beginning of August that they would look into this matter, and that we would not be charged in the meantime and that our cell service would remain on. Neither of these things have happened.

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