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Published on September 25, 2019

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I purchased a system for a little over $5000. Since I have had the system in 2017 the cameras keep shutting on and off. I have called in Waymore than 20 times and gone through all their troubleshooting. I have had text come out more than a dozen times and they say that the issue was solved but the cameras keep going on and off even after the issue is ““ solved. The last time I had a tech out here was this last weekend. It was the same guy that installed my system in the beginning. And he told me that he installed the cameras wrong by hooking all their power wires together and hooking it into my plug-in for my garage door opener. He disconnected all the wires and individually plugged two in my one garage door opener and two in the other. The cameras shut off more than they did before he said he ““ fixed it. They are now telling me that they Want one more opportunity to fix the system. And I told them that that would’ve been a great offer about a year ago. I asked for them to come out and take the system and give me my money back. And they told me that they would gladly come out and take my system out and stop payments. But they would not give me any money back.

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I have tried to give them opportunity to fix this problem for over two years. I want a full refund and I want them to come take out the system.

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