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Published on September 26, 2019

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My 2 year Verizon Fios contract was due on June 21 2019.Three days before that I called to renegotiate a new contract with similar service except for a different channel lineup.I wanted to keep everything the same, ie. wifi, dvr, same boxes, etc as the only thing i wanted changed was the channel listing and I repeated told her that the only change was the channels.It was on a taped line as Verizon records everything.The Verizon person worked up a price and sent me an email right away. I briefly checked the email and told her again that it was fine as I only wanted to change channels and nothing else.I replied to the email saying it was agreed.The next day I noticed that I had no DVR.I called Verizon customer service and told me that I didnt have it on my account.Verizon tricked me into signing a new contract by telling me everything was the same but took off DVR service to lower the price and get me to accept new contract.I didnt notice that DVR was taken off in the email that was sent to me as there were a ton of deletions and additions and it was hard to understand.I told her what happened to no avail.I told her to cancel everything as my previous contract was going to expire two days later on June 21 2019.End result was that they are charging me a cancellation fee even though the contract was only 1 day old.

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