ADT Complaint

ADT Complaint

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They left the alarm in test mode my business got broken into lost thousands of dollars in tools equipment and in work for the loss of tools and paying insurance deductibles. I called adt right away the rep and direct supervisor told me they were embarrased and that they would take full responsibility they confirmed with the installer that it was a mistake on their end. When they seen my deductible was higher than expected they switched up roles saying they were not liable I have talked to corporate they all send me back to the branch that’s investigating. I asked for a refund and for them to pick up their equipment they have been hold in it off since July 11th the day after installation we are now in sept 27 2019 still no resolution hit dead ends everywhere. Their equipment has been sitting in my office since the break in.

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Cancel and give me my refund I dont want to do business with a company that lies and does not take responsibility and honor what they say

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