American Home Shield Complaint

American Home Shield Complaint

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I purchased a home warranty for our house in June. In July I submitted a claim to have our AC unit inspected and serviced. It took until August and multiple phone calls on our part to have our unit taken care of. After they serviced it and it still was not functioning the way that it had they told us there was nothing their company was going to do because it was an issue with the size of our unit and the size of our property. Finally we decided we were just going to cancel our policy and were told we would receive a refund check for the full year that we, in good faith, had paid up front. When I called to follow up after not receiving payment or a follow up they said they were not going to refund us our money. They said our work order exceeds the cost of the contract. This does not make sense to me as we had the option to pay month to month and chose to pay in full.

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I would just like a refund for what they owe me.

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