Verizon Wireless Complaint

Published on September 27, 2019

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Beginning May 18, 2019 I purchased a Samsung J7 phone and unlimited wireless phone service at the Verizon Authorized Retailer, TCC 3527 Lankford Hwy, Exmore, VA 23350. I was told on the phone I could keep my samsung s7 but at the store I was told that no I had to purchase a new phone. I have since found that to not be true. Also I was told my total bill would run around $80.00 including the new phone payments. That has not been the case. I was also told this is the best service but throughout the last several months I have consistently had issues of echoing my voice and unsent texts. I was with Boost Mobile in Virginia Beach for over 10 years and never had these problems. I was told Verizon is superior service to Boost Mobile. I found that to not be true at all. I hve tri8ed on many occasions to speak with customer service and would be laced on hold for well over 30 minutes before I had to give up. I finally waited until they answered and it was 45 minutes before they answered. I reported all of these issues and she made a recommendation of using my internet service to help remedy the calls. I tried that and it did not work. I also find it ridiculous that she recommended I use my wireless internet to make my cell phone work. If I have to do that what is the point? I decided this is not even clo9e to being worth what I am paying but found they want a fine for canceling early! Why should I pay a fine for cancelling a service that does not work as promised? As of today September 27, 2019 I have paid in total $594.97. All I want is my money back and to cancel the service. Since I have not paid off the phone and it is not wanted I want to return it as well.

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