CenturyLink – Internet Complaint

CenturyLink – Internet Complaint

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We recently discovered that Centurylink didn’t cancel our bundled phone/internet account when we moved from Colorado to Washington State in 2011, even though they were contacted via phone. All other utilities were cancelled in good time. When we moved to Washington State, we had a new account with Centurylink until three months ago when we “cut the cord” and got fiber. The WA account was cancelled as per telephone call, same as we did for CO. As the bill(s) were being paid through Centurylink’s autopay system, we only saw a debit from our bank every month and “assumed” (yes, I know) that it was for the WA account. It wasn’t until we continued to see autopay debits from Centurylink after we cancelled the WA account that we realized it was from the CO account and not WA. They have been billing us $213.72 every month for the CO account SINCE 2011. I spent hours on the phone and their on-line customer service. They finally agreed to a credit of $1,041.27 which we obviously cannot use since we no longer have Centurylink. I filed an informal complaint with the FCC and basically Centurylink said they owed us nothing other than the credit. In the letter from the informal complaint from Centurylink, they claim they have sent a check for the above amount as of August 9, 2019 but we have not received it. In any case, it is a pittance compared to what they owe us. I calculate the amount to be $20,517.12. We have proof that we left CO for WA. Our house in CO was a rental until three years ago. Renters had their own utilities. We have been legal WA residents since 2011. We realize we should have seen that the autopay debit from our bank was for CO and not WA, but there was no account number on the autopay debit and, again, we “assumed” it was for WA for the account we opened in 2011 in WA.

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