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Published on September 29, 2019

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Hertz Rented me a car with illegal car registration tags. The police profiled me, followed me around, then pulled me over for expired tags. The police threatened to take me to jail for a misdemeanor offense of putting current tags on an expired registered vehicle. Since it was a rental, the policeman, with backup starring my children down in the backseat, walked to remove the tags from the vehicle, after learning I was driving on a road trip. I got out of the car to stop him. He said if he can’t take the tags he is towing the car. Taking the tags off of a car didn’t seem appropriate. We were on our way to LA then Arizona for a 5 day road trip with expired tags didn’t seem safe nor did driving home with expired tags seem safe. Unwilling to offer me a fixit ticket, the police put my pregnant daughter and my two younger kids & I on the street with our luggage and towed the car. Hertz will not refund me the amount I paid that day, week nor for complete time on contract of two months. I made written and verbal requests. Hertz stopped responding to my calls/emails.

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Refund complete time on contract while renting the Malibu plus compensation for the huge inconvenience dying our family road trip, emotionally traumatizing my children and all of us being treated like criminals by the police with a felony stop style approach because of the offense, location I was in and the color of my skin.

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