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Published on September 29, 2019

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I have been struggling with Terminix for nearly 3 months since they did fumigation on my home. Their fumigation sub had a crew that heavily damaged my metal roof. When I first had complained the local Terminix manager for the Bradenton Fl area came by. He stated that if he had done the estimate he would have told me that they would not do the work since my home has a lightweight unsupported metal roof-over. The salesman that had sold me the contract for termite fumigation never even walked around the exterior nor the interior. He simply wrote up a contract on an iPad and asked me to sign several signature windows if I agreed to the price.He not once explained any concerns about the metal roof being inadequate.

The fumigation company did finally after about 2 months send a repair service out. They simply straightened the roof panels. They owner of the repair company had given them an estimate of just over $8000 but they refused to replace the damaged panels. I myself had to insist they do something several times before the repair company was sent back out to repair the system as I had to direct. I also have more than 100 hrs of repairs and cleanup to my shop roof. It was damaged so badly I had to shore it up to keep rain from ruining more than what had already been ruined. More than a $2000 worth of power tools had to be refurbished due to water damage and intrusion.

The roof damage has depreciated my property value by at least the $8000 the repair company owner said it would cost to repalce the damage panels and that does not include the shop roof panels.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
I want a full refund of monies paid and cancelation of the financed portion of the contract with terminix plus $2500 in compensation for work performed and tools damaged by the fumigation crews blatant and willful damage to my property

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