Charter Spectrum Complaint

Charter Spectrum Complaint

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I only have internet service with spectrum. At first I had the internet speed package of 200 Mbps for $70.99. I needed a faster speed, so the Sales Rep told me that Spectrum Ultra would be 400 Mbps at $90.99. She said this is very fast.

I’ve had problems in the past with my internet speeds. now I am having issues again, speeds clocking in at 176 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 96 Mbps. I am using a desktop computer with a direct wired connection.

I have unplugged both the modem and router. and the speeds are still being throttled by spectrum.

I chose to go into the spectrum office around 2-months ago to swap out the modem and router which at that time they had news upgraded ones, which they failed to tell the customers about.

Now I am having internet speeds problems again. Same issues for the past 2-yrs.

I use to have TV service with Spectrum but cancelled those services about 3-4 months ago. Started streaming TV, Spectrum has sent me a lot of advertisement to try get me back as a paid TV customer.

it seems they’re throttling my internet speed.

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