Frontier Communications Complaint

Published on October 1, 2019

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I got my equipment over a week after it was promised. I set it up. It never worked. It would not stay connected. I talked to technical support it was supposed to be fixed it wasn’t. They set up a repairman. I got texts he was on his way and a message but he said the wrong address. I called him back and text him no reply and he told them I wasn’t there. Frontier customer service told me I needed another router so I would have more bandwidth set up a 2nd guy. Again I started getting texts. Left my dad on hospice I was visiting. He never showed up. Called Frontier they said they couldn’t find any orders to come to my house. I asked why am I getting texts and calls? I eventually talked to a customer service rep who told me if it was her she would cancel because I need to be taking care of my dad not wasting 9 hours waiting on Service Techs that never came and hours and hours on the phone all away from work. I took her advice. Asked for my deposit and fees back. THey said they don’t refund deposits or fees. I said so you think a jury in small claims will find in Frontier’s favor of taking my money and never providing a product?I forgot to mention I’m in sports media. I had to run to coffee shops and other people’s homes to work on weekends.

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