T-Mobile Complaint

T-Mobile Complaint

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I was looking to switch from att to another network, in was looking at different plans online. A representative from T-Mobile(Yolanda Brannen) called pitching me this great business plan that T-Mobile had to offer; in assured me she would take care of me. Sheset me up with 4 new phones in place of the phones from att. And was gave me 3 creditsthatwouldcoverthedownpayment formybrandnewdevices. one credit of $1350.01 for turning in my att devices to tmobile, two a $500 credit to help with down payment, in three a $1142.50 credit for my final bill with att. She sent a labelfor the att devices. And I wasreadytoturninmyolddevices. She took care of mealright. From the Started my devices wasn’t logged in, so luckily I took pictures of everything to prove the return. I had more devices then i was supposed to have because after upgrading all 4 of my iphones and iPad ; I was sent the duplicate of my ipad instead of an upgrade. And for the 4 iphones, one of my old phones was to be upgraded to a XS andwhen it came it didnt exceed my expectations so the rep sent the XS Max to replace it. So I had to return a ipad 11 and XS in one box. Along with the old devices from att in another box .

The first generated bill I had a $4000+ bill that nobody couldn’t explain. Come to find out my Credits was used to pay of my iPad instead of it being put on the EIP like the rest of my devices.And I was being charged for the 2 devices (ipad 11 & XS), I returned as well. After several calls and attempts to fix my situation, they made some adjustments and sent me out an EIP for the Ipad August 12, 2019. I signed in contacted Yolanda. She stated that, “I will let you know when it is submitted. Be sure to sign the EIP for the tablet. Also, please pay your portion of the bill. I emailed her back to let her know, tmobile business care center Rep advised me not to pay anything until the situation was resolved. She said, “Sadly, the 800 number can give different advised depending on who answers it. Keep in mind that they couldn’t solve this problem. You will still have those charges due and they will be required to be paid all at once. You are now running on 2 months of billing. Inthen explained that this will be their peoblem in not mines because i dudnt put myself in the situation. Now a few dats past in the ipad is showing up on installment plan. However, its an added line as if i have 2 ipads mow. one paid for in one on EIP. I brought it to their attention whem i called on September 9, and instead of fixing it they deleted it. They turned my phones off, apologized, retored them, then added the restore fees to my bill. After telling mevI would have no problems with my phones being turned off until while they fix the problems. Not to mention, the representative made me believe I had a protection plan automatically. Until i found out i was supposed to request it. It wasn’t until I was telling my story that I was asked if my devices was covered under warranty. Now i have another situation and a now $2195.32 bill that still haven’t been fixed because I have to wait every billing circle for an adjustment to show up. I set this account up May 16, 2019 and they still havent seem to have a resolved situation. Not to mention, I’m being told it’s nothing they can do about my devices being protected. And an adjustment was made but it just haven’t generated yet. Now today I call for the 20th time because not only is my bill still not corrected.I’m not sure if T-Mobile is doing business like this on the regular in have several customers calling with these kinds of concerns, But what I can say is it has to be away they are liable. Me, the customer, should Not have to take the backend. Then be expected to pay a high balance once all adjustments are made, 4 months later.Iam extremely upset and over this whole situation.

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