Vivint Complaint

Vivint Complaint

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After getting Vivint in my home I was forced to move to Florida. the rep initial told me that if I moved the service would be moved at no cost to me, this wasn’t true turns out it is a 120.00 charge. Then when I try to cancel Vivint refused to take the equipment back stating it was to old and I was forced to pay 600 before ever being able to put in a cancellation request. Upon paying the 600+ dollars the rep told me I wouldn’t have to pay anything else after the 600 + charge. Turns out it takes 30 days to cancel an account and they are trying to charge me an other 55 dollars when I haven’t even been able yo use the service for 2 years because I wasn’t able to get the service moved to Florida because the company refused to uphold the sales reps promise of moving the service free of charge.

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I want my 600 + dollars back and the amount they say I owe current to be removed.

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