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Published on October 3, 2019

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AirBnB stay was not as listed on website.2 bedrooms listed. There was one. Beds were not adequately comfortable for a good nights sleep, much less for a patient needing 7 days of bedrest after surgery. Tried o make accommodations/alterations with host but she was unwilling to work with us regarding paying her an extra night for her trouble and allowing us to find a more comfortable location the night before my surgery.Furthermore, AirBnB told us we would be getting a refund for the 9 nights (we stayed 2 of those 9 nights) and the cleaning fee.The next person we spoke to said we would get refunded at least for the 7 nights.Finally, after talking to many “case managers” our complaint of paying $1086 for a stay we fully utilize gel on deaf ears- even thoughwe followed procedure and notified host and AirBnB of our complaint within the first 24 hours of checking in.

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Refund for the stay that we didn’t fully utilize and pay for the difference in our replacement accommodation at this point which was $2173 plus damages fir stressed during a time when I needed rest to recover from this surgery.

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