Charter Spectrum Complaint

Charter Spectrum Complaint

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I had Phone and internet service with Spectrum. I requested an upgrade to add TV service.

They disconnected my phone on September 27, same day I requested an upgrade.

I called them on 9/30 and they informed me that it was an error and transferred me to Sales. After talking to sales person and as they didn’t know how to fix it, I talked to their manager. She promIsed thatI will get my phone service back ion 24 hours and she (manager) was going to create a “ticket”. She agreed to waive my mo mthly bill for phone, $19+

I didn’t get my phone activated and I called the night of 9/30. They transferred me to “phone repair” department. They promised to have my phone service back next morning and will call me back at 4 PM PST to make sure it”s fixed. The rep called me at 4:30 and promised me that the phone will be up and running in an hour.

Phone is not working this morning and I called Spectrum. Needed to go through multiple transfer of calls and the phone department informed me thatch can not activate. man phone as there was no order created and only order he can see is for “video services”. He transferred me to Sales and I was promptly disconnected.

I called again and again and finally got to Sales. The rep doesn’t see any of the history of my calls

I don’t have my phone service since 9/27 and Charter/Spectrum is not not helping

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