DISH Network Complaint

DISH Network Complaint

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First day of installation after the Dish technician left, we would lose picture over 50% of the time.The loss of service was spotty at best, black screen, half screen or pixel screen.We were unable to enjoy watching TV without issues.So, I recorded all the issues with my smart phone, not knowing that it would be useful later.I called Dish service and notified the individual on the line that they are being recorded at the same time that I was filming the poor service on my 4K tv.We would call and get customer service from someone that we could not understand probably due to they had their mouth to far from the mic and all we could hear was the background noise of people talking and/or English was a second language.They tried to help us but were unable.So, I complained and finally someone sent a technician from Dish to repair the issue.I took day off work a second time since day of installation to let someone into my house to repair the problem.After they left it appeared everything was fixed.As soon as night came the problems started up again with Dish.We scheduled another technician to come out from Dish and I took more time off.This was a gentleman a professional who reported to us that he trained technicians.He put on shoe covers when he came inside and seemed very pleasant and professional.He stated the cable was installed backwards repaired it and then upgraded with new cable.He ran cable from the satellite and also ran tests. We had a few more technicians come out and I took more time off.They worked on the satellite and tried different things to repair the problem and yes it did help a little.But now we were dealing with pixelization.I was sick to my stomach that it was not working and stressed from taking time off.I asked to cancel my service and they stated they were going to charge us $500.00 and I said that is not fair.We have had terrible service since day one.

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