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Published on October 5, 2019

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Paypal Claims their debit card system had a “glitch in the system” that prevented them from processing transactions for two days in Mid-August of this year. Approximately one week ago I received an email from Paypal stating this and that I would have multiple transactions withdrawn from my checking account on from those two days totaling over $600. I called to dispute this because Paypal had shown those payments as being processed and as a result I didn’t have any money set aside to cover these withdrawals. I was told by a representative of Paypal on that phone call that 1. The email was not authentic 2. The email did not come from Paypal 3. The money would not be taken from my checking account. 4. I should forward the email to the spoof department to make them aware of the spoof email.

I forwarded the email and received no response other than the default response from the spoof department. If the email was genuine, the spoof department should have replied back in a timely manner so that I would have time to ensure there was enough money in my account to cover these charges. On Friday evening, September 4th PayPal withdrew the money from my account late in the day. I don’t believe this timing was coincidental, as it went unnoticed until the banks were already closed. This all adds up to an attempt by Paypal to hide the truth of what they we’re really doing despite the email they sent stating exactly what they were going to do. The denial by a representative of PayPal that the notification email was authentic negates the notification provided and resulted in an unfair financial burden placed on me by a corporation that either intentionally or at the very least recklessly lied to their customers and provided misinformation that let to undue stress and financial burden on potentially millions of people.

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