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Published on October 6, 2019

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Google Fi promises global roaming and tethering/wifi sharing. As such in January I entered into monthly service agreement $80 for their service. Tethering/Wifi sharing has consistently failed to function in multiple geographic locations included Houston, Texas where I live. Over the last 9 months I have had multiple interactions with Google Fi to solve. When unable to use Google Fi i am forced to use a backup service from Vodafone which charges me £5 Roaming Fee each time. This has accumulated to be £120 ($148) so far this year.

At one point it was eventually solved but then a month later stopped working again. In an interaction on the phone today with Hero, he told me I “might be able to receive a $20 compensation”. $20 is not proportionate at all to the $780 subscription + calls I have paid Google Fi this year for a service which has not worked as advertised.

Hero from Google Fi customer support was not able to provide any resolution to my issue. Most concerning is that at the end of the call Hero told me that Tethering is not even a “guaranteed” service with non Google phones (I have a samsung s10). I was only told this now, 9 months later.

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I want $148 compensation which will cover my costs using Vodafone as a backup. This fee does not cover the time wasted resolving. Nor does it cover the many occurrences where I wanted to use Tethering but was unable to.

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