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Published on October 8, 2019

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Subsidized Charges are a way for Sprint to continue benefiting from their revenue stream just in case you’ve managed to step around it.They hit me with this fee of $25 a month for an iphone which was given to my daughter as a replacement for the one that was faulty. The faulty phone I had to fight with them about in the first place. The phone had something called “Touch Disease” and it turned out to be a mass miscalculation on Apple’s part.They didn’t use enough apoxy to hold the sensors in place. Long story short, Sprint supplied a replacement phone at no cost.But, there is a cost…they want to charge (continue to charge I should say) me for another 14 months $25 each month stating that when a customer buys a phone other than via Sprint, they are allowed to charge a $25 compensation fee or subsidized charge. So, they expect me to pay $325 over the next 14 months.

Not to mention the TIME I have spent dealing with this. And the arguing between me and my Wife because of this. It’s like every few months Sprint figures I’ll call and play Let’s Make a Deal. Not happening.

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