SunTrust Complaint

Published on October 9, 2019

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This is a complaint against SunTrust bank and it’s unscrupulous,inhuman and unethical business practices. SunTrust bank is closing my checking and savings account without giving me any notice or reason why they are closing my account and they are not letting me access my account whatsoever and they also blocked my debit card for me not to spend my own I repeat my own money. There were several transactions on my account that that needed validate on just to make us I was the one making those purchase which I validated and they are still bent on shutting down my account. Right now I am out of state with no money and food to eat for several days now and cannot do anything nor move anywhere as a result of the situation SunTrust bank has put me in. I am starving and handicapped going through a lot of emotional, psychological and financial breakdown due to the inhuman treatment SunTrust bank has netted out to me. I did not do anything shady or suspicious with my bank account whatsoever. I have tried to resolve this issue with the bank on several and several occasions for them to release my money to me as I am not owing the bank but they would not listen. This is my story and just wanted to be heard.

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