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Published on October 10, 2019

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Verizon Communications Inc breach the initial contract with us, so we did not terminate it, it was already

broken, and they should be the ones compensating us for it. However, they charged an early termination fee for it. Our original account has been opened since April 2017, and the initial contract was supposed to be renewed on April 2019, which it did, and even though the bill almost double, and I was not happy with it, I kept paying it on time. However, in June 2019 Verizon without any notification divided my single account with them, which included the 2 services (phone and internet) into 2 individual accounts, and they started to charged almost $200. They started to issued 2 separated bills, and only one was being paid because they failed to notify me about new account. This was until they sent a past due notice. Since then, I have been calling their customer service phone line every month, requesting them to put everything back the way it was, which was the way I agreed when the original contract was done. Every time the customer service representative told me how sorry they were for the inconveniences, and before ending every phone call they assured me that they had fixed the issue. They also promised me that they will credit all the extra charges that this problem had generated, which they said were, “created by the system.” I expended around 7 hours (all calls together) trying to solve the issue, but even though every time I called they said it was fixed, it never happened. After several attempts of fixing the issued it became clear that Verizon Communications Inc had breach their contract because even though they were providing their services, they failed to provide a billing stability that it is implied in every contract. This gave me the right to move to other company that could provide to me that consumer’s right. I spoke to Christine, who is a Executive Relations in Verizon Small Business Service Center, and she told me that she knows that Verizon has this issue with the billing, and that they are trying to fix it, but that I was still responsable for the termination fees, which is crazy because I expended more than 2 hours every month, asking them to fix an issue that they could not explain me where it came from. I did not mind the issue of the 2 accounts being create. I know these things can happen, but what made me change was the inability of this company to fix the problems. I was being overcharged every month, and I after 4 months, and many phone calls to customer services, they were NEVER able to fix the issue.

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