Comcast Complaint

Comcast Complaint

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In my residential area there is no other option for internet service.I have paid, on time and in full, for internet service into my home for 20+ consecutive years.Throughout this period our service has been consistently poor with complete outages often daily and through out the day.

I have had an estimated 30 to 40 service calls over this time.Comcast technicians have attempted to fix my internet service issues on multiple occasions. Whatever steps that had been taken by technicians on service calls have never provided improved service to levels that are acceptable or meeting Comcast’s claim’s for reliable service.

I have been told by multiple Comcast service technicians and people directly employed by Comcast in their Service and support functions that the issues I have are the result of the poor infrastructure the company maintains to bring service in to my neighborhood and surrounding area.They have also told me directly that they do not proactively fix service “noise” that stems from their signal infrastructure issues, that they only address problems that are reported by their residential customers.Furthermore I have been told details of how their signal infrastructure is laid out and why it leads to poor quality signal speeds and complete outages.

I would estimate that for internet alone I have paid Comcast between $60,000 and $100,000 over the 20+ years of having them my provider.I also work from home and the poor internet service has greatly impacted my work productivity.I would safely estimate it has reduced my productivity by 25% with outages, interruptions, slow speed, dropped calls (on VOIP phone) and time taken away from work functions to address ongoing issues.

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